Real Estate Investments

Glymav strategically invests its own capital while also welcoming partners in club deals, providing:

  • Versatility in investment timelines, geographical locations, and varied types of investments.

  • A nimble and adaptable investment methodology, characterized by straightforward and expedient decision-making processes.


Prime Lands

We channel our own capital into acquiring prime, beachfront properties in Greece, focusing on lands with high potential for development into substantial projects, aiming for considerable profit.

Hospitality Real Estate

Our investment strategy focuses on acquiring hotel real estate and fully-developed projects in the Greek Islands, with an emphasis on achieving long-term returns and consistent yields through leasing these properties to operators.

Luxury Resedential

Our activities encompass acquiring and skillfully enhancing luxury residential properties in the Athens Riviera and exclusive villas throughout the Greek Islands. We then strategically market and sell these beautifully optimized properties to a discerning international clientele.

  • Strategic Investment
  • Club Deals
  • Beachfront Development
  • Luxury Residential
  • Hospitality Real Estate
  • International Market

How we work:

Project Submission

If you have a real estate project that aligns with Glymav International's vision and expertise, we encourage you to submit it for our review.

Immediate Cash Payment

For projects that meet our criteria, we offer prompt payment in cash, ensuring a swift and straightforward transaction.

Personalized Discussions

We are open to arranging face-to-face or Zoom meetings to discuss potential projects in detail.

Confidentiality Assurance

All information shared with us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, respecting the privacy and security of your project details.

Alignment with Glymav's Focus

We seek projects that resonate with our strategic direction and global reach, and are keen on collaborations that reflect our standards of excellence.

Review and Selection

Our team will thoroughly review your project to assess its fit within our portfolio. Projects that align with our goals will have the opportunity to become a part of Glymav International's distinguished real estate collection, benefitting from our global expertise and network.

Have a real estate project? Glymav is ready to buy!

Got a project matching Glymav International's criteria and ready for sale? Contact us! Fill out the form with your project details for our team's review. Meeting our standards? We'll move forward with a cash purchase. Confidential discussions available in-person or via Zoom. Let's explore your project's potential together.