Transformative Projects in Sourcing and Investments

Beyond our core offerings, Coal, Pet Coke and Metals and minerals, GLYMAV International is actively engaged in a variety of global projects that not only expand our portfolio but also bring tangible benefits to communities and businesses worldwide. We have successfully sourced and facilitated projects in Greece and across the globe, dealing with a range of commodity products and investment opportunities. These projects underscore our ability to navigate complex markets and leverage our extensive network for the benefit of our partners.

Why Choose Glymav ?

Global Supply, Local Expertise

Our international teams provide invaluable local insights along with an understanding of global market trends.

Quality and Authenticity

Our on-the-ground teams guarantee the highest standards of quality and authenticity in every product we supply.

Financial Solutions

Our strong financial base enables us to offer flexible credit solutions, fostering your business's growth and stability.

Diverse Product Range

From copper, chemicals, to agro products, our extensive product range caters to various industry needs.

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