What We Do

Fueling Progress: Expertise in Coal, Petcoke, Metals and Minerals

At GLYMAV International, we specialize in navigating the complex global markets of commodity sales, offering a diverse range of products that include coal, petroleum coke (pet coke), metals, and minerals. Our expertise lies in identifying and harnessing strategic opportunities that enable us to supply our clients with the high-quality resources they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect producers and consumers across borders, ensuring smooth transactions and reliable deliveries that adhere to the highest standards of service and integrity. Alongside our core business, we have ventured into real estate as a side project, applying our sharp acumen for market analysis and investment to identify and develop valuable properties. This dual focus allows GLYMAV International to offer a unique blend of services that cater to the dynamic needs of our global clientele, driving growth and fostering sustainable development in every venture we undertake.

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