Empowering Industries: Premier Coal Trading and Logistics

Physical coal trading is at the heart of our operations. We maintain supply agreements, offtake contracts, and authorization to market coal sourced from three distinguished mines in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Seamless Coal Supply Chain Solutions: From Mine to Market

Our approach is to meticulously organize and manage the delivery of coal from the mining sites directly to our clients’ production facilities or storage sites. This comprehensive service includes the storage, transportation, and delivery of coal via ship and truck. We also coordinate quality control through both internal and independent inspections, offer coal blending services as necessary, and can provide financial support for transactions until our clients officially receive their coal.

Our Vision: To become the premier provider of Indonesian coal, powering energy plants and serving industrial customers across Asia.

Our Mission: Our goal is to efficiently and economically handle our projected coal volumes, prioritizing environmental sustainability, safety, reliability, and quality in all our trading activities.

For coal and all other commodities we trade, such as Pet Coke and various minerals, GLYMAV collaborates with numerous companies to ensure seamless logistics. This includes transporting products to our specialized berths for barge loading, followed by further transport and the eventual unloading into trucks, mother vessels, or storage facilities, tailored to our clients' specific requirements. GLYMAV’s supply chain is under constant supervision by our Field Agents, who ensure coordination between the mines supplying the coal and Independent Laboratories to guarantee the movement and quality of our products. Our clientele includes some of the most prominent entities in their respective sectors, ranging from state-owned corporations to private companies. Many have their own stockpiles and transport infrastructures, while others benefit from the logistical solutions we provide as part of our comprehensive service offerings.

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Why Work with Glymav International

Indonesian Expertise

GLYMAV's deep understanding of Indonesia's coal industry ensures access to top-quality coal, optimizing energy solutions for clients.

Reliable Supply

Guaranteed coal availability through strategic partnerships with key mines in Kalimantan, ensuring uninterrupted operations for clients.

Comprehensive Logistics

From sourcing to delivery, GLYMAV manages the entire coal supply chain, offering seamless, end-to-end service to meet client demands efficiently.

Sustainable Practices

A commitment to environmentally responsible and sustainable coal trading aligns with global standards and client expectations for ethical sourcing.

Customized Solutions

GLYMAV's tailored services, including coal blending and financial support, ensure that each client's unique requirements are met, enhancing their operational efficiency.

Big Order of Steam Coal?

For inquiries about large steam coal orders, please contact us. Our team is prepared to tailor solutions that meet your specific requirements.