Producers Representation

Focused Distribution in Greece

What we offer:

  • Multi-manufacturer and producer's representative agency.
  • Over 30 years of industry experience.
  • A professional, experienced, and result-driven sales team.

STEP 1. Preperation

  • Assign the Key Account Manager and sales team
  • Training on-site at principal’s manufacturing plant, obtain understanding of the company, its product range, applications, USP and current markets, and get to know the teams
  • Jointly identify main players, key target customers and competitors
  • Draft sales strategy, target markets and distribution channels
  • Introduce new product to Glymav International Sales team to share market expertise, contacts and prospects

STEP 2. Preperation

  • Present product to the decision makers in the key functions of engineering, purchasing, quality and finance, and understand their needs
  • Build solid relationships, pay regular visits, also together with principal
  • Obtain RFQs, support quoting process with principal, present offer to customer
  • Regular, persistent follow-up with decision makers to close orders
  • Deliver pro-active service support, ensure accessibility for customers to become the easy-to-work with supplier

STEP 3. Business Development

  • Contact existing leads, utilize Glymav International Sales network
  • Make personal contact, through phone calls and visits, to introduce the product range to new customers
  • Visit & walk the key industry exhibitions for target applications
  • Maintain close follow-up, build relationships
  • Understand and balance cultures and mentalities between home and targeted countries
  • Identify end-user needs and translate to product features
  • Submit progress reports to principal, with regular reviews and adaptation

STEP 4. Account Management

  • Support PPAP/release process and SOP for smooth start-up
  • Lobby; regular contacts with all involved departments
  • Support daily sales operations, claims, payments and delivery issues
  • Secure existing projects; identify incremental sales opportunities and future projects
  • Make joint visits with principal executives to customers
  • Do reporting, budgeting and forecasting as per directions of principals

Benefits of Working with Glymav

Expert Representation

GLYMAV offers representation for manufacturers to OEMs, distributors, and retailers, specializing in serving industrial manufacturers with proven marketing methods to enhance market share.

Focused Distribution

Their primary focus is on distributing within Greece, representing companies globally, which allows for targeted market penetration and growth within the Greek market.

Comprehensive Process

They provide a four-step process involving preparation, launch, development, and management, ensuring a thorough approach to market entry and sales growth, including assigning key account managers, product and market training, building relationships, and managing operations.

Expand Your Reach: Partner with GLYMAV for Representation in Greece

Joining GLYMAV as your representative in Greece offers a strategic advantage by leveraging their expertise in the local market, specialized representation, and comprehensive approach to market penetration. GLYMAV's dedicated focus on Greece ensures that your products receive the attention they deserve, utilizing proven marketing strategies to enhance your market share. Their structured process, from preparation to management, is designed to maximize your brand's impact, making GLYMAV an ideal partner for businesses aiming to expand their footprint in the Greek market effectively and sustainably