PetCoke Supply and Logistics Solutions

Our strategic operations is designed to manage and facilitate the delivery of PetCoke from production sites directly to our clients' production facilities or storage sites worldwide. With access to 300,000 RECAP from producers, we have the capability to load substantial volumes, up to 55,000 LOADS, using vessels that we charter ourselves. Our service offering is comprehensive, covering all logistics aspects, which we organize and finance, thereby offering our customers CFR (Cost and Freight) options. This includes the storage, transportation, and delivery of PetCoke by ship and truck, ensuring a seamless and efficient supply chain from start to finish.

Global PetCoke Network

Quality control is a cornerstone of our operation, achieved through both internal and independent inspections. We provide PetCoke blending services tailored to specific client needs and ensure financial support for transactions until our clients officially receive their PetCoke.

Our Vision: To become the premier global provider of PetCoke, supporting cement plants, and steel manufacturers across the world. We leverage our logistical expertise and market knowledge to ensure reliability, efficiency, and sustainability, aiming to serve an expansive range of industrial customers by meeting their diverse needs.

Our Mission: To efficiently and economically handle our projected PetCoke volumes, with a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability, safety, reliability, and quality in all our trading activities.

Glymav collaborates with a wide network of companies to ensure seamless logistics for trading PetCoke and various minerals. This includes transporting products to specialized berths for barge loading, followed by transfer to trucks, mother vessels, or storage facilities, as per our clients' specific requirements. Our supply chain is closely monitored by Field Agents, who coordinate between the production sites and Independent Laboratories to ensure the integrity and quality of our products at every step.

Our clientele includes some of the most prominent entities in their respective sectors, ranging from state-owned corporations to private companies. Whether our clients possess their own stockpiles and transport infrastructures or benefit from our comprehensive logistical solutions, we are dedicated to fulfilling the diverse needs of our customer base, underscoring our role as a key player in the global supply chain for PetCoke.

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Why Work with Glymav International

Comprehensive Global Network:

Glymav International leverages a robust global network for PetCoke distribution, ensuring reliable supply and delivery to any location worldwide. This expansive network guarantees that we can meet the demand of a diverse client base, from energy plants to industrial manufacturers, with efficiency and precision.

Quality Assurance:

We place a high emphasis on quality control, conducting both internal and independent inspections to ensure that the PetCoke we supply meets the highest standards. Our commitment to quality means clients receive a product that consistently meets their specifications and performance expectations.

Customized Logistics Solutions:

Understanding that each client has unique needs, Glymav International offers tailored logistics and supply chain solutions. From specialized berths for barge loading to the chartering of vessels for bulk transport, we design our services to optimize delivery schedules, reduce costs, and ensure the secure handling of PetCoke.

Environmental Sustainability:

Glymav International is dedicated to environmental stewardship, adhering to sustainable practices in the supply of PetCoke. We work diligently to minimize environmental impact, aligning with the growing demand for suppliers who not only meet but exceed environmental compliance standards.

Financial Flexibility:

Recognizing the financial complexities of large-scale industrial and energy projects, Glymav International provides financial support options, including CFR (Cost and Freight) to ease the procurement process. This approach offers our clients financial flexibility, enabling smoother transactions and ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder access to high-quality PetCoke.


Reach out to Glymav International for all your PetCoke supply needs. For prompt assistance and tailored solutions. Let us fuel your success with our global expertise and dedicated service.

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